How to Keep Geese Away: Prevent Agricultural Crop and Turf Damage

An image of a man who has just been bitten by a goose and is now curious about how to keep geese away.

Geese are notorious for populating in the wrong areas. While their harmless demeanor may not seem threatening, geese can cause significant damage to agricultural spaces and farmlands. This blog will explore tips and strategies on how to keep geese away from croplands while highlighting the best eco-friendly and humane products to do so. 

How to Keep Geese Away: The Importance of Geese Prevention and Safeguarding Your Farmlands

While the nature of a goose may seem harmless, their diet preferences significantly threaten farmlands. Geese graze in fields, feeding on grass, grains, and small insects. Their grazing and congregating damage turf and other land. Since geese often travel in large flocks, preventing them from harming the entirety of a cropland is challenging.  

Smaller bird species commonly found on farmlands, like sparrows and cardinals, will typically only consume a cropland once plants have reached a certain age of maturity. However, common goose species, like the Canada and Greylag goose, eat mature and emerging crops, as well as seeds, preventing growth entirely and hindering crop production. This impact results in detrimental economic losses for farmers. 

Moreover, geese carry transmittable diseases, leaving their droppings a hazardous risk to farmers and croplands when deposited in valuable, high-traffic areas. Crop and turf damage has exponential financial repercussions, as these birds can leave pounds of droppings daily. They also are not the friendliest creatures to deal with. As protective parents, geese have been found to display aggressive behavior when defending their goslings. They will bite and charge if they feel threatened, particularly if they are protecting a nesting area.

How to Keep Geese Away: The Best Products for Prevention 

As an unwelcome nuisance, it’s vital to implement prevention methods before your goose problem becomes unmanageable. 

Here are our top products and strategies for geese prevention:

Visual Deterrents 

Threatening objects like clay owls, scarecrows, reflective balloons, tape, or CDs help geese avoid a particular area. Since many waterfowl are looking for open grasslands and nesting areas, they will assemble elsewhere if they feel a potential threat. 

Bird Netting

Bird netting is often designed for smaller species from perching or eating crops. However, netting is an effective product to prevent geese from consuming valuable plants growing at eye level. The physical blockage will prevent them from pursuing other plant life and vegetation. 


Since geese are primarily ground animals that need to consume food and water consistently, installing fencing around valuable croplands and water sources prevents these birds from gathering in a particular area. Geese prefer large, open spaces, wanting the ability to see a predator coming from afar. But they also enjoy large ponds and lakes, even encouraging their goslings to swim after only 24 hours from hatching.   

Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices emit a high-pitched frequency only certain animal species can hear. The sound creates an unappealing environment, with some devices able to mimic predator sounds, scaring large groups away. 

Propane Cannons

Propane cannons emit loud, booming sounds that can be programmed to go off sporadically, preventing geese from overstaying their welcome too long. When looking for a humane method for how to keep these birds away in large commercial spaces, propane cannons are an ideal solution.

Good Life Pest Control: Your #1 Provider for Geese & Wildlife Prevention

While there are many other geese-prevention methods on the market, it’s important to select a humane and environmentally friendly solution to protect your property. Geese are beautiful, majestic creatures that contribute to our ecosystem through revegetation and by restoring balance.  

At Good Life, we believe in creating humane, 100% safe products free of chemicals and other harsh additives. We know geese can become a serious problem for farmers and agricultural spaces, but with the help of Good Life, you can be on your way to safe geese prevention for good. 

How do we do this? We offer an array of pest control products, including our G5 bird and wildlife propane cannon. The G5 propane cannon omits loud, explosive sounds at regular intervals to harmlessly scare away geese and other wildlife from nesting in one particular area. The G5 cannon offers the following:  

  • Adjustable telescoping barrel
  • Sound that covers 7-10 acres
  • Sound intensity of 110-120 decibels
  • 17,000 blasts with a 20lb propane tank

Instead of using harmful chemical sprays or inhumane traps, a propane cannon will simply scare away geese and other wildlife, creating a loud boom powered by propane. And with our G5 cannon, users can set an unpredictable pattern to prevent these and other waterfowl from becoming familiar with the recurring sound. Propane cannons are also built to withstand varying weather conditions and can be set up within 10 minutes. 

Our UltraSweep Traveler and Solar SafeGuard are also efficient pest-prevention products. Our UltraSweep Traveler is ideal for preventing pests from making your vehicle their home by using ultrasonic sound waves and LED flashing lights to scare away rodents and other pests. And our Solar SafeGuard is perfect for yard and garden protection from destructive burrowing animals. Charged by the sun, it emits a high-frequency sound above ground and a robust and powerful vibration underground. 

We know wildlife prevention is complicated, especially if operating on a commercial agricultural property. But when you work with Good Life, we make wildlife prevention and pest control easy, so you can focus on harvesting and maintaining your grounds without the hassle of worrying about animal control. 

We hope you have found some solutions for how to keep geese away. So, If you’re ready to tackle your wildlife problem or if you are a retailer interested in our wholesale program, contact us.

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