Save your crops.
Deter pests.

The G5 Propane Cannon protects your property from birds and other wildlife that may threaten crops. This propane cannon boasts an effective sound intensity between 110-120 decibels, meaning the G5 Cannon can cover up to 7-10 acres. Equipped with an adjustable telescoping barrel, the sound intensity can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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Blasts cover up to 7-10 acres.

Weather Resistant

Durable zinc plating allows the G5 Cannon to work in any weather.

Easy Setup

Takes 10 minutes to set up and operates on its own.

Money Saving

Can product 17,000 blasts with a standard 20lb propane tank.

High Volume

Produces sound levels up to 110-120 decibels by adjusting the telescoping barrel.

Easy to See

The bright red paint makes it highly visible among your crops.

How it works


Scare away birds and critters from marinas, farms, orchards, vineyards, construction sites, landfills, airports, or anywhere you need it. One cannon can scare away unwanted critters and birds on up to 10 acres of land.

Wide Coverage Area

One G5 Bird and Wildlife Cannon will cover up to 10 acres of land depending on the topography and layout of your property. Blast intervals can be set between 2 to 30 minutes using the included regulator.

Installation Made Easy

In less than 10 minutes, the system can be set up and ready to operate. The G5 Cannon can operate unattended and will continue to trigger every 2 to 30 minutes depending on the regulator settings. Once set up, the G5 cannon can be easily moved around your property as needed.

Family Friendly

The G5 Bird and Wildlife Scare Cannon is a humane deterrent that uses propane to create loud bursts of sound that scare away animals and birds. The cannon eliminates the need for noxious poisons or dangerous traps, which can prevent complications with local wildlife laws for protected species.

Customer reviews

Check out what our customers have to say to see if the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT is the right solution for you.
Doug B.


The company stands behind the product.


I purchased the critter cannon and it arrived on time. The propane tank valve was slightly damage and the o-ring seal was cut. I called and they sent a new replacement valve in about 3 days. This was outstanding customer service. I have high confidence in this vendor. And no, I am not a robot or a shill. It just like it when a vendor corrects an error in assembly or shipping. I note that the cannon itself was in pristine condition and has operated through many hundreds of firings with no issues. Nice job goodlife!
Bob W.


BOOM! This propane cannon does not fool around! 120db is what the description says. I'm sure it was measured somehow. All I know is that it's LOUD. The 'timer' isn't an exact science. 2-30 minutes is more like 45 seconds - 15 minutes..sometimes a little longer. I got it to keep birds and deer out of my vineyard. As they say ``results may vary``. What I've noticed is that I still see birds as well as deer - but I think they are made uneasy by loud booms. The instructions suggest adding some visual deterrent as well. The balloon owls or maybe reflective tape comes to mind. I did not do that this year, but may next year. I've not seen much impact on raccoons & opossums. I warned my neighbors ahead of time. I recommend it, especially if you will be using it 24/7. It's the kind thing to do. It's a great addition to your animal control tools.
William T.


Received my G5 pest repeller on schedule as promised. There was a problem with the regulator but customer service sent me another by 2-day air. I have placed in my watermelon patch and it is keeping the deer out.


I have several bamboo groves that are prime roosting sites for grackles and cowbirds. When there's several hundred, if not over 1,000 birds roosting, it doesn't take long for the whole area to be saturated with bird poop. The smell is horrendous. I've tried several methods to run them off and finally decided to put out the money to buy a bird cannon. 3 days of firing this thing off at sun down when they come to roost and they all left for parts unknown. About 4 days later a small group came back to do a recess of the area, and I blasted them out of there and haven't had any back for over a month. Doesn't seem to affect the song birds as there are still a few of them that come to roost. I am very happy with this purchase and am very happy to have it sitting idle, just knowing that if I need it again, it's there.

Questions & Answers

1. Will it work automatically?

Yes, the cannon can run unattended after initial setup.

2. Can I adjust blast intervals?

The blast intervals for the G5 Propane Cannon can be adjusted from 2 minutes up to 30 minutes in between blasts.

3. Can I adjust the volume/sound/blast intensity?

Yes, the cannon will run at full volume with the barrel extended all the way out. If you wish to reduce the volume, slide the barrel back into the cannon body.

4. What animals/pests will this work for?

Propane scare cannons are ideal for pest birds such as blackbirds, crows, ducks, egrets, geese, grackles, herons, pigeons, ravens, robins, seagulls, sparrows, starlings, turkeys, and woodpeckers. They can also be used to scare away foraging animals like deer or bears.

5. How loud is it? Can I use it in a residential area?

The G5 scare cannon can range in volume from 110dB up to 125dB. All propane cannons are loud, many compare to the sound of a thunderclap. Please check with your local city/county noise ordinances. Many farming communities will have special regulations regarding the use of scare cannons.

Proper use is important

For best results only use the G5 Bird & Wildlife Propane Cannon in an open and well-ventilated space. Do not use it inside your home, or in an enclosed area such as a barn or warehouse. If storing the cannon for long periods of time, check the hose for leaks and clear debris that may be lodged in the barrel before using again.

Most scare cannons can be used in rural areas, away from densely populated areas. Please check your local noise complaint laws. Ear protection is advised when within close proximity of the propane cannon. 


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