5 Foolproof Steps to Prevent Rodent Damage to Your Vehicle or RV

An RV without rodent damage.

Rats. Mice. Vermin. Menaces to our homes, cars…and souls. But also, kind of cute and…alive. Most of us think of rats and mice as terrifying creatures that cause rodent damage and have no place on our beautiful planet. They eat our food, chew through walls, destroy electrical systems in our cars, spread diseases and generally scare us.

But, the truth is—they’re animals just like us. And while exterminating rats and mice with great prejudice has become quite commonplace in our modern era, some of us may not enjoy the messy cleanup of a spring trap, the guilt that comes with “dealing” with a mouse stuck in glue, or the hassle of setting traps at all.

But still, when it comes to mice and rats in your car, there’s no way around it. You must defeat them—otherwise you’ll be walking to work for a while.

So, how do you protect your car and keep both dead and living rodents out of your life? We’ve broken down 5 easy ways to keep your RV and conscience safe.  

1. Cleanliness Is Rat-lessness

 Rats love dirty, concealed areas. They also love food, leftovers, sugary drinks, water, and everything else teenage boys crave. Unfortunately, your car most likely provides all those wonderful amenities, making your whip the equivalent of a Grand Hyatt suite. Remove all food, vacuum regularly, and make sure to remove papers, trash, and other items rodents use to build nests from your car and the surrounding area. Added bonus—you’ll have a perpetually clean car that’ll make your family, significant other, inner-self, and voracious teenager happy.  

2. Use Rodent Repellent 

We know what you’re thinking—shouldn’t repellent be #1? No. Keeping your car clean not only keeps mice and rats away but also improves your mental and physical health. And here at Good Life Inc., we’re all about living the good life.

So, now that you have a clean car, let’s keep those pests away. Household solutions like cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil or mothballs have been proven to prevent rats from putting their roots down in your engine compartment.

But the problem is…they don’t last. What about a trap? They aren’t built for cars and don’t address the whole problem—which is keeping rodents from coming in to begin with.

So why not repel rodents without constantly resupplying your home with oils and cotton balls and traps? An ultrasonic device like the UltraSweep Traveler keeps rats and mice away by using ultrasonic sound to disorient rodents and keep them away. Add its bright LED strobe lights that mimic the eyes of predators, and the UltraSweep Traveler is the ultimate automobile protector.

And for those of you who are squeamish, the UltraSweep Traveler is totally humane and requires zero handling of dead rat carcasses. You can’t beat that!  

3. Seal Entry Points

 Now that you’ve got your UltraSweep Traveler installed, it’s time to take it up a notch by sealing entry points. While the UltraSweep Traveler will chase rodents away, sealing entry points will keep them from coming in altogether. Use wire mesh, rubber, or steel wool to deter rats and mice from nesting/and or feasting on your wires, plastic, and battery holders. Using the UltraSweep Traveler in combination with sealing entry points will give you a distinct edge in the battle against vermin and your mechanic’s hourly labor rates. 

4. Cover Up

 While rodents are notorious for their keen ability to permeate nearly any structure on planet earth, parking your car in a garage or using a car cover can help prevent them from hitching a ride.

That being said, in order to effectively keep rodents out, you need to keep your garage organized, clean, and free of rat-centric materials like the 500 Amazon boxes taking up real estate in the corner. Unfortunately for many of us, that may prove to be more difficult and time consuming than just nipping the problem in the bud. After all, your Amazon obsession isn’t going anywhere.  

5.  Regular Maintenance

 Your car is a major investment—and that means it’s a major responsibility. By keeping your car maintained and properly serviced, you can catch potential issues before they balloon into thousands of dollars worth of damage. With regular oil changes, tire rotations, alignment, and fluid refills, you have a better chance of stopping rodent problems before they get out of hand, all of which will enhance the performance and shelf life of your car, saving you a bundle in the long run.

Remember rodents will be around forever. You can’t erase them from the planet (which would be catastrophic), and you can’t reason with them like a noisy neighbor. In order to protect your car, your home, and your Amazon boxes, it’s vital to maintain a clean, debris-free environment and invest in a rodent repellent that not only treats the symptoms but also treats the whole problem.

Your Car Isn’t a Rat’s Nest

Outsmarting pesky rodents requires proactive prevention and humane products. Keep your ride spick and span, seal up holes, and use gentle deterrents to give rats and mice the old heave-ho. Don’t let those little freeloaders make themselves at home in your home on wheels! For the finest in friendly fixes, mosey on over to GoodLifeInc.com. Our site’s chock-full of fantastic, furry-friendly gadgets and gizmos to keep vermin at bay. With our cruelty-free critter control solutions, you can bid farewell to rodents without bidding farewell to your humanity. 

So cruise on over to Good Life Inc. and get yourself some darn good repellents today. Don’t let those troublemaking varmints get their paws on your prize possession – outfox rodent damage with humor and humanity!

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