Burrow no more.

The Solar SafeGuard protects your yard and garden from destructive burrowing animals. Charged by the sun, it emits a high-frequency sound above ground and a strong powerful vibration underground. This combination drives out unwanted guests such as gophers, moles, voles, groundhogs, snakes and other burrowing pests.

Solar Powered

The built-in solar rechargeable battery keeps its charge up to 7 days without sun.

Weather Resistant

The IPX4 water resistant rating means sprinklers and light rain are no problem.

Easy Set Up

Sets up in 3 easy steps and is ready to go!

Large Coverage Area

Protects large areas and works best as a pack, spaced every 100ft apart.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

No more need for poisons that could harm your pets or kill your plants.

Works Automatically

Once charged and installed it will continuously repel pests.

How it works


Use the Solar SafeGuard to keep destructive pests out of your garden and away from your yard. Using high-frequency sound and vibration, the Solar SafeGuard works on multiple types of burrowing pests such as gophers, moles, voles, groundhogs, and some snakes.

Wide Coverage

One Solar SafeGuard can cover a large area, however for the most effective coverage, it is recommended to install one unit every 100ft. This creates a wider zone of coverage to drive burrowing pests away for good.

Installation Made Easy

The Solar SafeGuard pest repeller is simple to set up and easy to use. Start by charging the solar unit prior to inserting into the ground. Once charged, choose a location where pests are causing the most destruction. Dig a pilot hole first, to prevent damage to the aluminum tube when inserting into the ground, and leave an inch of the aluminum tubing sticking out of the ground. Snap the wires together and securely fasten the top solar panel to the tube. That’s it; your Solar SafeGuard will be ready to use.


The Solar SafeGuard is completely safe to use around people, children, and pets. The sound emitted from the device will not bother pets, like cats and dogs. Using the Solar SafeGuard means you no longer have to use poisons, traps or expensive exterminators. Now you can enjoy your yard without pests, harsh chemicals, or damaged plants.

Customer reviews

Check out what our customers have to say to see if the Solar SafeGuard is the right solution for your situation.
Richard D.


I had this product for years and it survived the elements. Never stored it during winder and survived under snow.
Barbara M.


So far they are working. The advancing hoard of gophers from my neighbor's unkempt yard have been halted at the property line.
Ronald N.


Pest repeller works great! No more destructive critters in my lawn or garden. Wish now I had known about this years ago. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is having problems with pests in their lawn or garden.
Allen E.


Been installed for 10 days and so far so good. No more ground hogs. I really did not want to kill them. Just keep them away from my garden.
Paul G.


Having tried the list of chemical approaches and found them ineffective I was skeptical but desperate to get rid of our chipmunk invasion. I tried the ultrasonics - to my amazement they work fairly well!
Kim C.


I bought 3 of these and it seemed to do the trick right away. I had a wood chuck and possum under my garden shed. I filled their entrance tunnels and nothing has disturbed it! Amazing!

Questions & Answers

1. Is the Solar SafeGuard safe to use around cats and dogs?

Yes, it is safe to use around pets. Once the Solar SafeGuard is properly staked into the ground, it will only bother burrowing pests.

2. Does it work on rabbits?

No, this is designed to repel burrowing pests and will not likely deter rabbits.

3. Does rain affect the Solar SafeGuard?

The Solar SafeGuard is weather resistant. It is essentially ‘storm proof’ with a water resistance rating of IPX4. It can easily withstand sprinklers and rain.

4. Can people hear the sound that is emitted?

Yes, the unit will emit a faint buzzing sound. However, once properly staked into the ground, you will not be able to hear it unless you are standing next to it.

5. Can it deter snakes under a shed?

Yes, if placed to the shed this should chase away any burrowing pests within the vicinity.

Proper use is important

For best results, charge the solar top of the Solar SafeGuard for a full 8 hours of sun before placing into the ground. Place one unit every 100ft for the best coverage. The size of your yard will determine how many Solar SafeGuard units you will need. Do not place units where water tends to pool and always remove them when mowing your lawn.


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