Wholesale Dealer Program

Providing solutions to everyday challenges so you can get back to enjoying the good life!

We have over 21 years of experience in the Pet and Pest  industry, and offer a variety of wholesale products to boost your sales and your brand! With our own warehouse, we can offer competitive wholesale pricing, exclusive deals, exceptional U.S. based customer service, and fast, reliable shipping times. We focus on preventing problems before they arise; our products help you and your customers solve everyday challenges so they can spend more time enjoying the good life.

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Barking dogs, whether they are your own or your neighbors, can be a nuisance. We offer products, designed by our team right here in Southern Oregon, that correct bad behaviors and offer great training support. 


Deterring rodents and insects from invading your home or even chewing wires in your farm equipment or RV will save you the hassle of costly repairs. Doing it without harmful chemicals, poisons or traps is priceless.

& Beyond

Our Bird & Wildlife Propane Cannon is great for deterring birds & other wildlife from wreaking havoc on your orchards, farm, and property. In addition, our team has been developing many products over the last few years, with new solutions in the works at this very moment.

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Our wholesale program does not allow our distributors to sell Good Life products on Amazon, WalMart or Ebay.