Why a Propane Cannon Is the Best Method to Keep Birds Away

G5 Bird Cannon with Propane Tank

Commercial farmlands experience exponential crop damage each year due to birds. While their peaceful demeanor may seem harmless, birds cause millions of dollars of crop damage yearly. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports an estimated 150 million each year, with European starlings, pigeons, and blackbirds amongst the most crop-damaging species. With birds playing a significant role in crop loss each year, it’s essential to find the most effective bird prevention methods to avoid losses and safeguard future harvests.

A propane cannon offers an effective and innovative solution to repel unwanted feathery friends from feasting on valuable croplands. While there are many bird-prevention techniques, propane cannons have been proven to deter various species, including the most damaging—Starlings.

So today, we will discuss various bird-prevention methods, ultimately proving that propane cannons are the best option for agriculturalists and farmers.

The Effects of Uncontrolled Birds on Croplands 

Birds and other wildlife can cause significant damage to farmlands. From feeding on abundant crops like blueberries, cherries, and apples to nesting in unwanted areas, various species of birds pose dangerous risks if not adequately deterred. While certain species can bring positive benefits to agricultural spaces, such as consuming small crop-eating insects and assisting with revegetation efforts, large amounts of uncontrolled birds can result in massive amounts of crop loss and risk contamination of croplands. Birds carry harmful transmittable diseases like E.coli and Salmonellosis that can be transferred when feasting on crops grown for human consumption. Further, bird droppings are abundantly acidic, with the ability to break down wood, paint, and steel, and can even affect technical equipment if not frequently cleaned.

Common Bird Prevention Techniques 

Implementing bird-prevention methods is essential to crop protection, reducing losses, and maintaining the economic value of agricultural operations. Here are commonly used methods for repelling birds. 

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a simple and effective way to deter birds from nesting on commercial agricultural buildings, window sills, pipes, and roofs. The sharp, pointy design prevents birds from perching or getting too comfortable in a specific area. Spikes are often made of plastic or metal and work best at preventing pigeons, crows, and seagulls. Bird spikes are humane products that typically do not harm wildlife. However, this method is best for larger buildings and is not a practical solution for preventing birds from acres of croplands. 

Visual Deterrents 

Flashy, reflective items like tape or balloons are notable products for preventing birds, as the shiny material aggravates and scares different species from nesting. You can also use a plastic owl or falcon as a scare tactic to ward off bird pests from their predators. Unfortunately, visual deterrents only last so long, as birds are incredibly intelligent creatures that will catch on to things that are not capable of hurting them if the items remain in the same position consistently. The best way to use visual deterrents is to move the items periodically to give the impression that they are real or provide a new reflective angle that the birds are unfamiliar with. 

Bird Hazers or Sprays 

Bird hazing or fogging systems have been proven to be an effective way to repel large flocks of birds. However, this method may not work for all species and could impair the vision of human workers, and aviation sprays could affect crop growth or cause discoloring. While this method is humane, as the water-based fog is non-lethal, it may require multiple hazers or frequent use of sprays depending on your acreage. 

Sonic Repellents

Ultrasonic and sonic bird-repellent devices are commonly used for commercial farmlands and can be very effective in certain circumstances. Sonic devices emit a high-pitched frequency that disorients birds, preventing them from entering a particular area. While this method is effective, as with many other bird prevention techniques, birds may become acclimated to the sound, leaving nothing in their way to consume crops and nest where they desire. Further, the frequencies often have limited reach, preventing commercial farm owners from covering their entire property or having to invest in multiple products to adequately prevent birds from flocking near croplands. 

Propane Cannons: The Best Bird Repellent Method on the Market 

When it comes to sound repellents, propane cannons are unmatched by any other product on the market. While propane cannons bear similarities to other sound repellents, they are unique in their design, durability, and the compelling sound they offer for large commercial areas.  

Powered by propane, the durable design is fit for any outdoor setting with the ability to withstand various weather conditions. It offers a timed sequence of sporadic loud booms, similar to the sound of a gunshot, to prevent birds from perching in an area for too long.

Other benefits of propane cannons include the following: 

  • Easy Installation: Place your product in your desired location and connect your propane tank. Set up is done in only minutes. 
  • Broad Range: Only one propane cannon is needed to cover anywhere from 7 to 10 acres of land. Rather than invest in multiple products, you only need one to give the results you’re looking for. 
  • Versatility: Propane cannons can be used for vineyards, open farmlands, and near agricultural buildings, unlike bird netting or spikes that can only be set up to cover a specific area. 
  • Low Maintenance: Other than routine propane refills and occasional cleaning, once you set up your propane cannon, you can go about your day without affecting labor costs or harvesting time. 
  • Humane: Propane cannons do not emit chemicals or harm birds in any way. The design is merely to startle them to flock elsewhere, allowing them to refrain from destroying crops while still enjoying other areas of your property. 

While each propane cannon will differ in the design and features offered, it’s clear that the overall functionality is simple and effective, offering a safe and environmentally friendly way to keep birds away. 

Choose Good Life for Your Next Propane Cannon 

At Good Life, we understand the importance of finding a humane and eco-friendly product to deter birds in large commercial spaces. Our G5 bird and wildlife propane cannon is the best choice for repelling birds and other wildlife in a safe and non-lethal way that works without disrupting workers. 

A 2009 study found propane cannons to be one of the most effective bird deterrent methods when trying to repel a flock of starlings. However, over time, birds became acclimated to the sound, much like many other bird prevention devices. The key is to find a product that can be set to trigger at different intervals to throw the brilliant feathery creatures off their path. 

Unlike sonic devices that emit a high-pitched frequency that birds become acclimated to, our G5 cannon omits loud and explosive sounds that can be set to trigger between 2 to 30 minutes using the included regulator.

Further, only one G5 Bird and Wildlife Cannon will cover up to 10 acres of land, depending on the topography and layout of your property. Instead of investing in multiple bird control products, you have the perfect device that can be set up in 10 minutes and offers a sound intensity of 110-120 decibels with as many as 17,000 blasts with one 20lb propane tank.

Whether you want to prevent birds and other wildlife from commercial farmlands, orchards, or even airports, our G5 cannon is an efficient option that eliminates the need for dangerous poisons or traps that harm birds and other wildlife. 

Preventing Wildlife and Birds Safely and Humanely With Good Life

We understand that birds are essential to our ecosystem and can benefit many agricultural spaces. In doing so, we provide only humane and eco-friendly solutions for pet and pest issues so you can feel comfortable using our products without harming any animals. 

While there are many bird-repellent products on the market, propane cannons are the best at repelling birds in a humane and environmentally friendly way that is cost-efficient, easy to implement, and, ultimately, works for your property for years to come. 

If you’re in the market for a propane cannon, contact us today. We offer an array of humane pest control products that can help you address your bird and pest control needs with ease.

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