Bird Control Products for Commercial Use

A flock of birds invades a farmer's land who is in need of bird control products.

As remarkable animals with beautiful attributes, we often view birds as majestic creatures that can do no harm. While their impressive beauty and peaceful demeanor may seem harmless, if not controlled, birds can wreak havoc on commercial agricultural spaces. From feeding on crops to harboring dangerous pathogens, birds can cause property damage and safety hazards if not adequately deterred. Obtaining the right bird control products can help farmers and agriculturalists safeguard their property from unwanted visitors safely and humanely. Whether you’re dealing with pigeons, sparrows, or larger birds, understanding the right products for your needs is crucial.

The Importance of Bird Control: An Unlikely Pest 

Birds can benefit commercial property owners in many ways, such as consuming crop-eating insects and pesky rodents and assisting with revegetation efforts on farmlands. Unfortunately, farmers experience more harm than good from uncontrolled birds, risking the deterioration and contamination of their property and crops.

Below, we will go into depth on the many ways that bird communities can harm commercial properties. 

Crop Consumption

Birds naturally enjoy consuming small insects, such as grubs, worms, and mosquitos, but they also have an acquired taste for small berries, nuts, leafy greens, and carrots. When consumed in small quantities, farmlands will not suffer detrimental damage from a few berries missing. However, uncontrolled birds can cause massive amounts of crop damage, risking supply and resulting in economic losses for farmers.

Contamination Risks 

Birds carry harmful diseases and pathogens in their droppings, risking contaminating abundant crops. Recent research has found that birds and their droppings can carry over 60 transmittable diseases, with E.coli, Salmonellosis, and Histoplasmosis of the infectious illnesses, to name a few. Such diseases can cause food poisoning and respiratory complications if contaminated in a cropland. Further, bird droppings are abundantly acidic, with the ability to break down wood, paint, and steel, and can even affect technical equipment if not frequently cleaned. 


When birds nest too close to a commercial facility, the potential for crop damage increases drastically. Not only does the actual nesting area pose risks to technical equipment and property damage, but birds may also drop seeds and other grains when traveling to and from their nest, which could interfere with crop growth. While dispersing seeds does help with revegetation, uncontrolled growing can cause harmful effects on farmlands. Certain species of birds, like crows, geese, and woodpeckers, also pose a noise nuisance, disturbing workers. 

Our Top Bird Control Products for Commercial Use 

Birds play an essential role in our ecosystem as pollinators, providing a necessary environmental balance. As vital contributors to the environment, ensuring their utmost protection is critical. Luckily, there are humane and environmentally safe ways to deter birds from negatively impacting a commercial space.  

Here are our top bird control products for commercial use. 

Bird Netting 

Bird netting is a common prevention method to keep birds out of croplands or from reaching unwanted commercial areas. You can find bird netting in various sizes and lengths to cover large areas. However, birds can get tangled or stuck underneath netting if not installed properly, potentially harming them. Further, netting installation is time-consuming and may hinder productivity when attending to crops.

Bird netting is a bird control product that is not quite as effective as some of the other options.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes prevent various species of birds from resting in a particular area. The design includes protruding spikes useful on roofing lines, ledges, and window sills. Though the design is off-putting, as the pointed spikes look harmful, the intricate design may only cause a light prick, leaving your feathered friends unharmed. However, many bird spikes are required to cover a large commercial area. 

Visual Deterrents 

Visual bird deterrents are a cost-effective and efficient way to scare or discourage birds from entering a commercial space. When birds feel threatened or uncomfortable, they typically will flock elsewhere. Using bird-reflective tape or balloons creates a bright and shiny effect that may frighten birds from settling in an unwanted area. You can also use a plastic owl or falcon decoy to threaten birds from a likely predator. 

Bird Control Hazers

Hazing systems are devices that emit a water-based, non-lethal haze into an environment, creating a visual distraction to birds and discouraging them from nesting in the treated area. The fog is harmless and primarily acts as a visual disturbance, temporarily impairing a bird’s vision. This method protects crops and other commercial open spaces where bird-related destruction may occur. Hazing systems are often equipped with timers to set out scheduled hazing sessions. However, this method may not work for all species and could impair the vision of human workers, although the fog is not dangerous to animals or humans. 

Propane Cannons 

Propane cannons offer a simple and effective way to deter birds from your property using single-pressure, loud sounds to disorient birds and other wildlife. Powered by propane, the sound intensity helps cover larger commercial spaces, creating a frightening sound birds acres away can hear. Many propane cannons are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and allow users to set the frequency and timing of noise emissions. Users may also set an unpredictable pattern to prevent birds from becoming familiar with the recurring sound. With proper maintenance and care, propane cannons offer an efficient solution to repel birds from large agricultural spaces.

G5 Bird Wildlife Cannon in Pear Orchard

Turn to Good Life for Your Bird Control Product Needs

When searching for the best bird control products, look no further than Good Life. With a 21-year legacy, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you tackle your pest control problem with the utmost care and efficiency. We understand that birds are essential to our ecosystem and can benefit many agricultural spaces. In doing so, we provide only humane and eco-friendly solutions for pet and pest issues so you can feel comfortable using our products without harming any wildlife. 

If you’re seeking a humane and environmentally safe bird control product, consider our G5 bird and wildlife propane cannon. The G5 cannon omits loud and explosive sounds at regular intervals, harmlessly scaring away birds and other pests from your property. The following features make the Cannon G5 a viable option for bird deterrence.

  • Adjustable telescoping barrel
  • Sound covers 7-10 acres
  • Sound intensity of 110-120 decibels
  • 17,000 blasts with a 20lb propane tank

Whether you are looking to prevent birds and other wildlife from commercial farmlands or orchards, one G5 cannon can cover up to 10 acres of land, eliminating the need for dangerous poisons or traps that harm birds and other wildlife and preventing interference with local wildlife laws for protected species.

Effective and Humane Bird Control Products From Good Life

At Good Life, we are committed to making the most of what matters. We have built our business by putting our customers first. We do this by providing industry-leading products, a secure shopping experience, fast shipping, and unmatched customer support.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step in bird control prevention, or if you are a retailer interested in our wholesale program, contact us today. We offer an array of humane pest control products that can help you address your bird and pest control needs with ease.

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