Finding Pest Control Supplies: Wholesale Prices to Scale Your Business

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If you’re in the pest control business, you’ve likely found that your products are in high demand. The rapid migration of pests like rodents, cockroaches, termites, and mosquitoes has been evident in recent years, increasing the demand for pest control products in homes, farmlands, and commercial properties. With the need for pest control supplies growing rapidly, you may be looking for the next best products to add to your inventory. Finding pest control supplies at wholesale prices can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. In this article, we will help you find the best pest control products on the market while guiding you through the various questions to ask suppliers, what to look for in a good product, and include key considerations before investing in large quantities of supplies. 

The Need For Pest Control Supplies

Pest control products are in high demand, with the global pest control market projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2023 to 2032. Pests are inherently dangerous creatures carrying harmful diseases and pesticides hazardous to the health of people, plants, and other animals. As a billion-dollar, highly-needed market, businesses can take advantage of the exponential growth opportunities pest control products have to offer. And the best way to do so is through wholesale vendors

What Is a Wholesale Vendor? 

A wholesale vendor is the primary communication line between manufacturers and retailers. The purpose of a wholesale product supplier is to offer goods like pest control products in bulk to retailers at a discounted price. The retailers can then sell those products to other businesses or directly to consumers at a higher price point to receive a profit. 

Businesses need large quantities of the same product, mainly if they operate as an online retailer. Wholesale vendors enable businesses to stock their inventory with a wide range of products at a price their company can afford. If you’re a startup or small business in the pest control industry, you may have yet to partner with a larger wholesale vendor. But to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest product offerings and sell a diverse array of items. 

In an era where large online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay dominate the digital eCommerce world, taking your strategy to the next level is vital. Working with a pest control wholesale supplier gives your business a constant and reliable supply of goods, helping scale your business over time.

Finding the Right Partner

It’s essential to conduct research to assess the quality and reliability of your supplier before entering into a partnership.

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Consider the following when searching for a dependable partner: 

  • Do they have years of experience producing pest control supplies? 
  • Are they up to date on the latest product lines? 
  • Do they have the resources to produce products at a large scale and have the ability to meet supply and demand? 
  • Can they meet predetermined delivery times? 

Asking these questions can help your company prepare accordingly when trying to grow your business. 

Pest Control Supplies: Wholesale Products for Profit 

Whether your business is targeting homeowners, farmlands, or large commercial property owners, there are various pest control supplies on the market to invest in. 

Here are some examples of common pest control products: 

Chemical Sprays: Lethal liquids used to spray on various surfaces where pests are present. Chemical pest control methods are in high demand by many businesses. However, while effective, chemical sprays are inhumane and harmful to the environment, leaving little positive marketing attributes for this product. 

Repellents: Repellents come in various forms, including sprays and electronic devices. Sprays and ultrasonic repellents irritate pests, deterring them from settling in one area. Spray repellents emit a potent smell, and electronic devices deliver an ultrasonic frequency to repel unwanted guests.  

Pest Traps: Mouse and rat traps are common forms of pest control on the market. Their efficiency can be beneficial for small infestations; however, for pest invasions at a larger scale, traps are not as effective for long-term results. Further, certain traps are designed to kill pests, acting as an inhumane solution for pest control. 

Electronic Zappers: Zappers use electric grids to electrocute small insects like flies and mosquitos. This device is primarily effective at a smaller scale and is not designed for small rodents or larger, non-flying creatures.

Propane Cannons: A humane and safe deterrent method, propane cannons are designed to use propane gas to emit loud, explosive sounds to deter pests like small rodents and birds from settling in large commercial areas or farmlands. 

Finding Pest Control Supplies for Resale 

The best way to find a wholesale vendor is to start researching who sells your product of choice. For example, if you are looking for chemical pest control products, head right to the source. Search for your favorite product and contact the company directly. They likely already have a partnership with a wholesale vendor they can get you in touch with. 

Further, directories like Wholesale Central and SaleHoo can help you access a vast network of wholesalers specializing in pest control supplies. The pricing of each pest control product will vary, but it’s crucial to thoroughly research market demands and average pricing before settling on a wholesale vendor. Researching multiple vendors helps you compare pricing and determine if your business goals align with what a wholesaler can offer. 

When Should I Invest in New Products? 

While the demand for pest control varies through each season, Spring is when pests are most active. If your business wants to increase or enhance current offerings, investing in the fall and winter months is a pinnacle season to ensure you’ve accounted for enough time for production and delivery.  

Scale Your Business With Good Life 

Finding the best partner and price to scale your pest control business may be challenging, but when you partner with Good Life, we make it simple. Offering humane and environmentally safe pest control products for over 21 years, we know what it takes to achieve excellence. 

We offer a variety of wholesale pest control products to help deter rodents and insects from invading homes, farmlands, and commercial spaces without harmful chemicals, dangerous poisons, or inhumane traps.

We offer the following pest control products and much more to help your customers gain control of their pest problems. 

Pest Repeller Ultimate: A 5-in-1 electronic rodent and insect repeller for indoor use that helps stop mice and roaches from invading your kitchen, keep scorpions out of your carpet, and repels rats from your attic.

G5 Bird & Wildlife Propane Cannon: A cost-effective and humane pest control device used to stop birds and wildlife from damaging your property.

UltraSweep Traveler Rodent Repeller for Vehicles: Uses a combination of ultrasonic sound waves and flashing LED lights to prevent pests from making your vehicle their home.

Solar SafeGuard: Charged by the sun, Solar SafeGuard emits a high-frequency sound above ground and a strong, powerful vibration underground to drive out unwanted guests like gophers, moles, voles, groundhogs, snakes, and other burrowing pests.

Learn more about our wholesale products here.

Finding the best pest control supplies at wholesale prices may seem like a big step, but when you work with Good Life, we make the process simple so you can scale your business with reliable, quality products from a company you can trust. 

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