Say goodbye to chewed wires.

A combination of ultrasonic sound waves and flashing LED lights prevents pests from making your vehicle their home. With the UltraSweep Traveler you can avoid chewed wires and damage caused by rodents year-round. No more expensive repairs or costly replacements.

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Ultrasonic Repellant

Ultrasonic frequencies disorients pests to keep them out.

Automatic On/Off

Turns off when the car is on and turns on when the car is off.

Easy Installation

Installs in just 3 easy steps and runs on your car's battery.

Flashing LED Lights

Create a chaotic environment and mimic the eyes of predators.

Safe and Humane

The sound and lights are completely harmless to people, animals and pests.

Save Money

Prevent rodent damage that requires costly repairs.

How it works

Easy to Use & Install

The UltraSweep Traveler anti-rodent repeller connects directly to your car, boat, or RV battery. It will activate automatically when your engine stops, protecting your vehicle from rodent damage when idle. Once the engine starts, the UltraSweep Traveler will switch to standby mode. There’s no need to replace batteries or charge the Traveler. Once installed it will continue to keep rodents away without maintenance.


Keep rodents, squirrels and even cats out from underneath your hood. With the flashing lights that mimic the eyes of predators and high frequency sounds that disorient and annoy, the UltraSweep Traveler will keep the pests away and save you money.

Ideal Coverage

One UltraSweep Traveler will effectively protect your entire engine bay.

Customer reviews

Check out what our customers have to say to see if the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT is the right solution for you.
Wyman A.


I have installed units in both of my vehicles and my son's pickup. So far, no more mice! We are both very pleased with the way in which your product works and would certainly recommend it to others who have a mouse problem.
Christian B.


The unit is well made. Its casing is solid. The installation process was simple enough. The operation is plug-and-play. I had an unusual issue with the first unit which was replaced promptly; the customer service was excellent.
The second unit has been installed for a few weeks and it is working fine. It is too early to tell if it will keep the squirrels away but the changes in the high pitch sound and the flashing LEDs inspire confidence.
Douglas C.


As far as I can tell It's working fine, lights flicker nice and bright! No squirrels.
Paul F.


I purchased two Ultra Sweep Travelerp and two Mouseblockers (from Amazon) to compare products. Both are the same price - not inexpensive. I live in a rural area and just suffered a major knock sensor wiring issue in my Toyota FJ because of wire eating rodents. That repair cost me $2,500. The Ultra Sweep is a solidly made feature rich device. The Mouseblocker is a total joke. The packaging was more expensive than the device. What I loved about the Ultra Sweep (I don’t love it’s name. Let me guess…. The engineers got to name this one) is the following: 1. Long leads made of quality sheathed wire with the right terminal connectors for easy battery installation. 2. The device is heavy duty. 3. The on/off switch. 4. The automatic car run shut off. Side by side, the Ultra Sweep is an obvious winner.
Dave Kelley - Kelly's Automotive Service


We install these at both of our shops in So. Oregon. We have customers bring or tow their cars in with Rat chewed wires and hoses, sometimes costing over $1000-$2,000 to repair the damage. After the repair we always recommend the simple installation of Traveler Pest repellers. So far we have never had a repeated issue after installation. I have one on each of my cars too.
Patrick W.


After having a $4,000 wire harness replaced, and then signs that the rats were at it again a couple years later, I didn't want to take any more chances. I love that it is wired to the car battery as I would surely forget to replace the AA batteries of other similar products. It is a little nerve-racking running wires in your engine, but worth the planning.

Questions & Answers

1. Will it drain my battery?

For best results we recommend starting your vehicle to charge the battery every 1-3 weeks. Battery life will vary depending on several factors such as weather, battery quality, and battery age.

2. Will it bother my pets or livestock?

Since ultrasonic sound will not pass through the solid barriers of your vehicle’s body, it should not bother other animals nearby, unless they climb into the engine bay.

3. Can people hear the sounds?

Some people may hear the unit in its lowest range of fluctuating frequencies, if they are near the unit, but most people will not.

4. What animals will it repel?

The UltraSweep Travel safely repels mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and other small animals, such as cats.

5. Is the unit waterproof?

The unit itself is not waterproof, but the hood and body of your vehicle or engine bay should provide sufficient protection from the elements.

Proper use is important

For best results only use the UltraSweep™ Traveler under the hood of the car where you are having the problem with rodents and other unwanted pests. The UltraSweep is not compatible with electric cars. We recommend speaking with your mechanic if you are unsure if the UltraSweep Traveler is right for your type of vehicle.


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