Veterinary Practice Management: Strategies to Boost Retail Business

Want to earn passive income as a veterinarian? Here are some quick and easy ways to take your veterinary practice management up a notch.

You’re a vet. You love your job, you love animals—and you probably love earning a little extra, right? So, why not set up a passive income stream while you’re busy taking care of all the Bounders, Daisys, Buddys, and Sarahs (yes, people name their cats Sarah) in your clinic all day long?

It’s time to talk retail.

As a vet, you have the ability to turn your office into a curated, one-stop shop to help clients find the best products for their pets and help you do your job even better. And the best part—you get paid more to do it.

But how do you turn your vet clinic into a profitable retail space? Follow these easy steps to turn your practice into a practical retail environment. 

Diversify Your Product Offerings

You most likely sell pet food and medication at your clinic. And you’ve probably noticed some decent sales as a result of your recommendations—you are the vet after all. But why stop there? Add additional pet-related products like toys, grooming supplies, and accessories to increase sales and bring more customers inside your doors. The more interaction your clients and customers have with your clinic, the more their pets will be at top of mind—and that means they’re more likely to regularly schedule their checkups, teeth cleanings, and nail trimmings which leads to more business. 

Create an Online Presence

 Your website is great—it explains who you are and what you do. It’s a portal for all clients to access and gain the information they need to make the right decision for their pets. But it can also be a retail space! Consider adding a page to your website that sells products you recommend.

People are much more likely to purchase food, toys, and accessories that are recommended by their vet. By giving clients an easy way to purchase products without leaving the comfort of their phone, PC, or tablet, you’re creating an easy way to earn additional income without lifting a finger. 

A person's veterinary practice.

Offer Discounts and Rewards

 Pet owners love their pets. But they’re not always into spending money regularly on the little things like nail trims and blood counts. By incentivizing retail purchases with free trims, checkups, or tests, you not only earn additional income through products, but also encourage pet owners to return—and that can lead to additional (and necessary) care in the future. Added bonus—freebies lead to customer loyalty. Why go somewhere else when the next urinalysis is on the house!? 

Forge Partnerships With Pet Loving Brands

 If there’s a product or treat or bark collar that you give your own pets or recommend to friends and family, put them on blast! Reach out to brands that you believe in and work out a partnership with them. Put together a proposal that outlines the benefits of collaboration and touches upon cross-promotion, discounts, or even in-clinic events. Your ability to leverage someone else’s brand recognition in your favor can increase walk-ins while building additional trust in your business. 

Go Eco-Friendly

 So, there are a few brands you love and would love to work with. But maybe they’re not so earth-friendly? Pets and Mother Earth go hand-in-hand. So weigh whether or not it’s important for you to choose eco-friendly and sustainable products for your business. It’s possible your clientele isn’t too choosy—but your ability to seek out and provide products that are not only good for your client’s pets but also good for the entire planet (which inherently affects all animals) will show your dedication to healthful living for all creatures. And that will say a lot about you as a person and professional. 

Provide an Engaging Customer Experience

 Ever had a really amazing shopping experience where a helpful staff member laid out all the information you needed to make an informed decision? Do the same for your clients! Train your staff on the products you intend to carry and make sure they have all (or most) of the answers to questions. When consumers have access to information, they tend to make purchases faster and more regularly. Give your clients a positive shopping experience and you’ll gain repeat customers. 

Make Your Retail Space Shine

 People buy with their eyes. If they see a disorganized retail space or empty shelves, they’ll think lesser of your products (and possibly your business). Keep retail sections neat, clean, and well lit so your clients gain the confidence in you as a vet and you as a retailer. The more you can do to make your retail space stand out, the more willing your clients will be to trust the products you’re selling.

In today’s world, there are several ways to take advantage of passive income streams. By offering retail options to your veterinary clients, you can get the most out of your space while also increasing loyalty, repeat business, income, and trust. And that means a better business with more to offer.

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