Wholesale Products for Resale: Finding Products and Forming Relationships

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Finding the perfect wholesale products to resell can be a tricky process for online retailers. Selecting a product that suits your business and making an initial investment takes careful consideration and research to ensure you make the right choice. However, finding the right partner and increasing product offerings can make for a profitable return, resulting in overall market expansion and sustained growth for years to come. How is this possible? This article will explore how to find the best wholesale products for resale and how to build relationships with wholesalers to ensure business success.  

Why Wholesale? 

The wholesale market presents many opportunities for companies to expand operations and build new business relationships. Wholesalers offer buyers a wide range of products in bulk and at a discounted price, enabling businesses to then resell those products at a higher price point. This process expands your inventory while also reducing total operating costs. Online retailers, eCommerce businesses, and local markets often gravitate toward wholesale products to enhance their offerings and diversify their target market. Further, working with a reliable supplier gives your business a constant supply of goods, helping you scale your business and obtain sustainability year over year while also giving your business a competitive edge.  

Finding Wholesale Products for Resale: Quality and Reliability

Wholesale products are sold in bulk and often offered at a lower price. However, initially, choosing which products work best for your business may take time and effort. 

Here are some considerations to help you find the best wholesale products for resale. 

Conduct Market Research 

Before expanding product offerings, it’s important to thoroughly perform market research to assess product needs and opportunities for higher sales. Choosing products in high demand is one way to ensure sales. However, targeting niche products can help your business tap into new markets, enabling it to differentiate itself from others in the same industry. 

Analyze Profit Margins

Analyzing the profit potential is essential once you’ve determined your product and target market. Examining profit margins involves calculating the gross and net profit margin to determine what percentage of a sale is profit. Obtaining the gross profit involves:

  • Subtracting the cost of goods from the revenue
  • Dividing that amount by the total revenue
  • Multiplying that amount by 100

Calculating this amount helps businesses plan and assess product performance. Once businesses have established a relationship with a manufacturer or distributor, they can negotiate lower price points for products in bulk or of higher volume. 

Ensure Product Authenticity 

When purchasing products at a discounted price, the question of authenticity may occur. Certain wholesalers may offer knock-off or low-quality products that may initially be difficult to recognize. Further, products may be authentic but require additional permits or certificates for resale. Conducting accurate research can help you ensure a product’s authenticity while also helping to plan for resale. 

Safeguard Shipping Processes

When working with a wholesale provider, it’s crucial to ensure that deliveries arrive on time and with the utmost care to prevent unsafe handling or unsatisfied customers. Fast and reliable shipping times are essential in ensuring significant business growth and maintaining a lasting relationship with your supplier. 

Forming Lasting Relationships With Suppliers

The relationship between a buyer and wholesale supplier stems far beyond simply purchasing goods. Forming trusting bonds with suppliers helps secure long-term relationships. That trust can harness positive advantages like consistent product availability, timely deliveries, and future pricing negotiations for loyal customers. Positive relationships centered around consistent communication also help to mitigate risks and address potential challenges proactively.

Looking for Wholesale Products for Resale? Partner With Good Life 

Finding wholesale products for resale can be challenging, but when you partner with Good Life, the process is simple. With over 21 years of industry experience, we offer various wholesale products to help increase your inventory, boost your sales, and help your brand make a positive impression. With our own warehouse, we can offer competitive wholesale pricing, exclusive deals, exceptional U.S.-based customer service, and fast, reliable shipping times. 

Finding the right wholesale products to help catapult your business into success is no easy feat. When you partner with us, our products help you and your customers solve everyday challenges so they can spend more time enjoying the good life. 
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