A trained dog is a happy dog.

The Positive Pet remote training collar helps you to set boundaries and reward good behavior by interrupting your dog's bad behavior without shock. Press the button on your handheld remote and the Positive Pet collar will emit a strong vibration.

Although harmless, the vibration is strong enough to grab your dog's attention, so you can redirect his behavior and then train, treat, and repeat. Use the Positive Pet to interrupt unwanted jumping, barking, begging, digging and other mischievous behavior.

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50ft Distance

Manual remote activation within 50ft of the collar.

Versatile Design

Includes 3 magnetic plates to accommodate different coats, breeds, and hair lengths.

Humane Training

Safe and humane vibration that can be used to train puppies or sensitive dogs.

Powerful Vibration

Variable vibration modes for dogs who need a stronger correction.

Adjustable Collar Strap

The included strap is adjustable or the Positive Pet can be placed on your own collar.

On-Demand Training

Take it anywhere you and your best friend like to travel.

How it works

One-on-one Training

The world can be distracting for dogs. With so many sights, sounds, and smells dogs often lose focus on their owners. Use Positive Pet to get your dog’s attention, direct focus on you, and begin training. Start training at home in a familiar, comfortable, and distraction-free environment. Changing one behavior at a time is the best approach.

Remove Activation

Get your dog’s attention up to 50ft away with the included remote. Use the remote when your dog engages in unwanted behavior to effectively get his attention. Add that type of training with redirection, training, and a reward to encourage good behavior.

Interchangeable Magnetic Plates

There is no need to worry whether your dog will feel the vibration. The Positive Pet comes with 3 different sized plates, flat for short haired dogs, smooth round bumps for medium-haired dogs, and pointy bumps for long-haired dogs.

Customer reviews

Still not convinced that Positive Pet™ is the right solution for your situation; Check out what our customers have to say.
Carney N.


I was surprised (in other words, meaning pleased as a result!) that this product is very effective because my dog's behaviors including the way of his walk as well as unnecessary bark habit is gone!

One thing if you ask me, the current buckle design is not secure enough, so easy to come off from a dog's neck. If you can redesign the buckle like the one as seen by a harness, that will be great.

Sheila H.


Highly recommend. Does a great job of getting the attention of my puppy so I can teach him good manners. It doesn't hurt him. He has stopped bad behaviors.
A. S. C.


My dog is an AussieDoodle - cross between Australian Shepherd and Poodle. Smart as a whip. Barks like a great hound dog only way louder! We'd had a different non-shock bark collar but it just quit working after a couple of months.

The Positive Dog training collar looks to be a significant improvement over the other collar. When Loomis sees that we're about to put his bark collar on, he pays attention and is calm. The new collar works perfectly!
Thanks for the great product!

Nita J.


Still working on it but so far so good!
Teresa F.


I have a Glen of Imaal terrier that is very conversational, you come near her property she barks and expects you to say hi. You say hi, she sits and that's it. Although she does not like loud noises, i..e., blowers and mowers.
She does bark outside and it has been difficult to train her because the neighbor behind us insists on blowing a whistle or an air horn. Nothing consistent and certainly not in a training format which has made correcting her difficult.
I bought the collar to stop her from barking in the house and jumping up. Figuring I'd start there and move to more.
The collar came yesterday. I charged it. All well and good and then attempted to get it onto her regular collar as I figured if it only went off when I pressed the remote she's be okay. But NO!!! Her regular collar is a woven collar `{`lol, a Petsmart buy`}` but not as thin as the one you send. So. ugh! now I have to take off her collar and put on the 'no bark' and Son Of A Gun 🙂 And! She gets it. So while this may help in controlling her barking the training will not be as consistent as I would like because I have to put on and take off. One more step. Sigh

Questions & Answers

1. Will this activate to the sound of barking, or do I always have to use the remote control?

Positive Pet only activates by the remote control. This encourages consistent, hands-on training. It does not activate by sound.

2. How long does training typically take?

While many behaviors can be interrupted instantly, permanent training is a process. Actual time frame for training depends on the behavior and the temperament of your pet, as well as consistency of training. Certain behavior changes can be seen in as little as 1 day, while others can take several weeks. It is important to remain consistent, and always praise good behavior!

3. How far away will the remote work?

The remote can be used up to 50 feet away from the main collar unit.

4. Can I use this with my pet's regular collar?

Yes! Since there is no risk of false activations from tags, bells, or friction; the Positive Pet can easily be worn with your pet’s regular collar.

5. What size pets can use this collar?

Dogs should be at least 6 months of age and weigh at least 6-8 pounds. The collar length can be trimmed to fit a neck size from 8-26 inches. Cats should be at least 1 year of age and weigh at least 3-5 pounds. The collar length can be trimmed to fit neck sizes down to about 6 inches. The cat version can also be used on smaller dog breeds or very timid dogs, since the vibration isn’t quite as strong.

Proper use is important

For best results the Positive Pet training collar should be used after you have exercised your dog so that they aren’t too energetic and can better focus on training. Start the training process at home in a distraction-free environment. Redirection and training good behavior is important.


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