Interrupt bad behavior with the push of a button.

The Onguard Handheld trainer puts you in control, and allows you to train your dog at home or on the go. The OnGuard outputs a strong yet humane ultrasonic frequency that can reach dogs up to 50ft away. This handheld trainer is the perfect solution for correcting unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping, digging, and counter surfing. Just train, treat, and repeat!

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50ft Distance

The OnGuard's ultrasonic frequencies can reach dogs up to 50ft away.

Loud Safety Alarm

The audible alarm feature helps give you peace of mind while out walking your dog at night.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Train your dog with the push of a button wherever you are.

Powerful Flashlight

A high power flashlight for nighttime walks, camping or hiking.

Non-slip Grip

A comfortable grip allows for easy handling when walking.

Multi-purpose Training

Train away unwanted behavior like barking, jumping, getting on furniture, or counter surfing.

How it works

Humane Ultrasonic Training

When Fido is being naughty – barking, begging, digging, chewing bedding, you name it – just point the OnGuard in his direction and with the press of a button, a high-output ultrasonic tone will stop him in his tracks. This is where the training begins. Now that you have his attention, its time to train proper behavior, treat him, then repeat. He’ll quickly learn that his bad behavior causes that annoying ultrasonic sound, and be rewarded with good behavior.

LED Flashlight and Stobe

A powerful 1400 lumen flashlight will light up the night for late walks, camping, or hiking. Keep it by your bed or the back door for a handy flashlight when you need it. Press once for constant light, twice for a disorienting strobe, and a third time to turn off the flashlight.

Safety Alarm

The safety alarm is handy when you need to alert others of your location or situation. Night time walks or hikes can entail certain risks. It’s best to be prepared. Useful for many situations, the safety alarm alerts others that you may be in danger, need assistance, or can even disorient an attacker.

Customer reviews

Still not convinced that the OnGuard is the right solution for you? Check out what our customers have to say.
Wendy L.


I received the ultrasonic handheld device today. Thanks for your quick postage. We are already amazed at our stubborn little dachshunds response and it doesn't affect his friends around him. A great product, well made and sturdy. Definitely I could recommend this to others. Hopefully it will be just as affective on the neighbour's dogs nuisance barking with no correction from the owner. Thanks again!
Cara M.


This product works great with one of my pugs! I don’t know if a nuclear explosion would curb the other one, so the noise from this product doesn’t. Overall, I’m satisfied with it and feel a normal dog’s barking would be decreased.🤣
Joyce R.


We tried to train our dog Hazel to stop barking in the yard, and to quit chasing bikes, runners, and cross country skiers on our local trails. She also would not come back to the car at the end of our walks unless she was on a leash. One week with the handheld device completely transformed her behavior. I used the word “beep” when I used the device, and now ninety nine percent of the time, I only have to say “beep” and she pays attention. She was a rescue dog and came to us with a lot of behavioral issues. Thanks to your device, she has become a very well behaved dog.
Kim S.


Worked like a charm when nothing else did. Our other dog wasn’t effected by it at all, but he’s not a barker, so we are happy customers!
Kathy K.


I live in a rural area and most dogs are running amuck. There are a few that routinely hassle me. I now feel like I have magical powers. The dogs run out at me, I press the button, and they make a major u-turn back to their porch. Fantastic!
Linda H.


My dog would bark incessantly at the mailman and jump up on the door to see through the window. He’s a very large Great Dane, scared the mailman so much he would stop putting the mail in the slot on the door and just leave it on the porch. After just a couple of times of using the On Guard he has stopped the behavior. I’m very happy!

Questions & Answers

1. Will this hurt my dog?

No. Although the ultrasonic sound emitted by the OnGuard is irritating to dogs, it is physically harmless, making it an effective and safe training tool.

2. Will this work on dogs in other rooms or on the other side of a fence?

Ultrasonic sound cannot travel through solid objects like walls, glass, or solid fences. Make sure OnGuard pointed at the dog and has a clear line of sight to the dog when training.

3. What is the range of the OnGuard?

The ultrasonic frequencies can be heard by dogs up to 50 feet (15.2 m) away.

4. Can I use this to train my puppy?

Although ultrasonic sound is a safe form of training, we do not recommend it for use on puppies under 1 year of age as they are still developing their hearing.

5. What does the blue light on top indicate?

The blue LED light on top of the unit indicates the ultrasonic training button has been pressed and ultrasonic sound is being emitted.

Proper use is important

For best results the OnGuard Handheld trainer needs to be aimed in the direction of the dog you want to correct. The ultrasonic sound will travel up to 50 ft, provided there is a clear and unobstructed line of sight to the dog. Utilize this device to address unwanted behaviors by giving a command and then using the trainer for correction. Once the dog responds appropriately, reward them with a treat and plenty of affection!


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