Stop dog barking.
Get your peace and quiet back.

The Dog Silencer MAX is an anti-bark device that uses high frequency ultrasonic sound that is powerful enough to quiet noisy neighbor dogs up to 300ft away.

Equipped with a bark detection sensor, the Dog Silencer MAX will automatically detect and respond to barking up to 75 feet away. For barking dogs outside of that auto-detection range, we've included a remote control activation option, to reach dogs up to a distance of 300ft.

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300ft Sound Distance

Strong enough to reach the dog next door with direct line-of-sight.

Use Outdoors

Install it outdoors to stop nuisance barking day and night, especially for the neighbor's dog.

Use Indoors

Stop your dog from nuisance barking inside the house, while you're at home or away.

Automatic Bark Detection

Recognizes and responds to dog barking automatically up to 75ft away.

Remote Control Activation

Activate using the remote control when you want or for dogs farther away than 75ft.

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

No more sleepless nights or troublesome days.

How it works

2 Modes: Audio & Ultra

The Audio setting allows you to hear when the unit is triggered by barking so you can determine the most effective location to install the device without accidental activation.

Bark Sensitivity Dial

Although often mistaken for a volume dial, the bark sensitivity dial allows you to adjust the distance for which the microphone will be ‘listening’. If the dog is nearby, say 25 feet from the Dog Silencer MAX, the sensitivity dial should be set to ‘low’ so that it isn’t listening for barking 75 feet away. This will prevent accidental activation. The dog needs to learn that his barking causes the unpleasant noise, not other sounds.

Direct Line of Sight

Ultrasonic sound cannot pass through solid objects like glass, fences or thick shrubbery. The Dog Silencer MAX will only be effective if there is direct line-of-sight between it and the barking dog. The dog needs to be able to hear that his barking sets off the irritating noise. Mounting the device above the fence line and facing down toward the dog will provide the best sound coverage and most effective results.

Customer reviews

Check out what people are saying about the Dog Silencer MAX.


New neighbors let their large dog run wild barking at everything that moved. It got to the point where we couldn't enjoy our yard... From the minute I powered it on we've had PEACE!
Lee B.


Max model worked as advertised. Neighbor's German Shepherd located appox. 150ft from my house has been almost completely silenced in 2 weeks using long distance remote. I have solar pack and that is working well also but I feel it should be a larger unit to retain power longer.
David H


We had two dogs behind us that would have dueling barking contests many times of the day. Now we might hear 2 or 3 barks then silence. Thank you for making an effective yet gentle bark deterrent.
Donald M.


First time we used it a neighbor's dog was barking incessantly...we had no idea as to how far away it was so hit the remote...heard a brief yelp, then the barking stopped. Awesome!
Dave B


Honestly I had very low expectations so I am quite pleased that the barking has been cut by 70%. The dog will start baying but after 3-4 barks he shakes his head and stops!!
Keith and Connie Young


Love love love it! He came out to our fence, gave a bark, than halfway thru a second bark he stopped turned around and ran away. Haha it was sooo funny! Thank you for peace and quiet.

Questions & Answers

1. Will this work through fences walls, windows or bushes?

No. The high-pitched sounds emitted by our training devices cannot penetrate solid objects such as wood fences, windows, walls or thick shrubbery. You can mount the device above the neighboring fence and point it down toward the barking dog.

2. Will this bother my other pets?

Although the Dog Silencer MAX is non-harmful, cats and dogs have similar hearing ranges, so if your cat is near the unit when activated, yes, it may affect your cat. However, the sound emitted by the MAX does not travel through solid objects or around corners, so a cat out of the area will not be bothered. If using the MAX indoors, you’ll want to keep cats or pet rodents out of the room where the anti-bark device is being used.

3. How does the remote control work?

The remote control can be used to activate the device manually. The remote can be used up to 75 feet (23m) away from the main unit and is convenient for on-demand training. The remote is also used when the barking dog is farther away than 75 feet from the device, since the automatic bark detection is accurate within a 75ft range. Dogs that are 76 – 300 ft away can hear the ultrasonic sound and be trained to quiet down when using the remote activation option.

4. How long before I should expect results?

While many customers see positive results within a few days, the Dog Silencer MAX is a training device and will depend on how quickly the dog associates the sound with his/her barking. Some customers report the dog barking at the unit, or barking more than usual in the first few days of installation since it is a new sound the dog doesn’t recognize. He will soon learn that his barking causes the irritating noise. This is a normal part of the learning process. We strongly recommend you give the anti-bark device two to three weeks to see full results.

5. Can I use it with an invisible or electric fence?

We recommend you do not use any ultrasonic bark control devices in combination with invisible fence systems. This is because the sound frequencies emitted by our bark control devices are very similar to those emitted by the invisible fence collar. This may cause confusion and interfere with the dog’s training.

Proper setup is important

Proper setup and usage are crucial. Training is most effective when the dog is in close proximity and directly visible to the anti-bark Dog Silencer MAX. Adjusting the bark sensitivity dial in accordance with the distance between the dog and the device ensures optimal training results.


We’re here to help with your Dog Silencer MAX anti-bark device, and our customer service team is standing by to answer any of your questions or concerns. Please feel free to reach out via the Contact Us button below!

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