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Introducing a versatile 3-in-1 training bark collar that provides automatic assistance, whether you're present or not. This collar offers three training modes - ultrasonic sound, vibration, and audible tones - allowing you to tailor the training approach that suits both you and your dog. Teach your furry friend to curb nuisance barking and address unwanted behaviors such as jumping or digging. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of this innovative training solution.

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No Shock Training

Safe and gentle training to make you feel at ease.

Rechargeable Battery

No batteries needed. Just charge it like you would your cell phone.

3 Training Modes

Use ultrasonic sound, vibration and audible tones to find the best solution for your dog.

Automatic Bark Detection

Accurately recognizes and responds to dog barking.

Remote Control Activation

Manually activate the collar using the included remote control.

Use Outdoors

High durability makes training easy wherever you need it.

How it works

Training Modes

When the collar is activated, whether it’s triggered by barking or using the remote control, it lets out an ultrasonic sound that effectively interrupts the dog’s behavior. And to grab the dog’s attention even more, you can turn on or off the vibration and audio modes along with the ultrasonic sound. The audio option also comes in handy for checking if the collar is working properly. The ultrasonic mode is always on since it’s proven to be the most effective training method. The vibration and audio settings are there as optional features.

Bark Sensitivity Dial

Set the bark sensitivity level so the collar can accurately detect barking, setting off the ultrasonic sound. The dial can be adjusted as needed to make sure the collar is auto-activating each time the dog barks.

Remote Activation

The Barkwise Complete Collar can be triggered automatically and/or manually with the included remote control. Use the collar in auto-detect mode with REM switch up to let the training happen automatically AND via remote control. Optionally, you can set the collar to activate only by manual remote activation, which is helpful for training away other unwanted behaviors like jumping, digging, or getting on the couch.

The People Have Spoken

See what they're saying!
Hannah A.


WOW!! What can I say??!? This product has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations. Our 18 month old pit/beagle mix, Sadie, is a lovely and sweet girl, but exceedingly vocal, and ever since we rescued her six months ago, her excessive barking has also become contagious to our older bulldog to the point where any little thing would set the two of them off and the house would become as loud as a football stadium...We were at our wits' end, wondering what to do - so after scanning multiple product reviews, we decided to try the BarkWise collar and man o man, has it ever been a complete life changer!
Susan M.


It just works!
Joanne H.


I gave 2 of these to my neighbor as a gift. She graciously accepted them and is using them on her dogs. When they are charged, our cul-de-sac is now a quiet place to reside thanks to these collars.
Julie M.


This legitimately works. It has changed my life. She still barks when people go past our place at the front but the other barking i.e. the neighbours dogs, etc and the 2am barks have reduced by 90%. Buy one!
Randy Meyers


Our dog was driving us crazy with barking. We got collar only had on sound and it worked right away. Now we don't have to turn it on, just put it on her and she stops. Has made our lives so much better.


We've had the collar for about a week, and it's working better than I dared hope. My dog is super reactive - he'll start barking if he hears someone moving around in the next room of his own house. The collar hasn't made him stop barking altogether, but it does curb it. He'll bark once, the collar will go off, and he'll stop. I love that it provides negative feedback for barking without actually hurting or shocking him - he doesn't like it at all, but I know that's not harming him. We haven't tried it on a walk yet, but based on the effect it's having on the in-the-house barking, I'm hopeful!

Questions & Answers

1.Will BarkWise stop all barking?

BarkWise stops nuisance barking such as barking due to boredom. By design, BarkWise will have little effect on instinctual or protective barking, such as barking at an intruder.

2. How long does it take to start seeing results?

Barkwise is a training device, and as with any training method, results may take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks. This will depend on the temperament of the dog and how he/she takes to the training.

3. How long is the battery life?

This will depend on usage. BarkWise has a standby time of around 24 hours and continuous activation time of 12 hours. We recommend keeping the collar on your dog for no more than 12 hours at a time.

4. Can the BarkWise be used with an invisible fence?

We recommend you do not use any ultrasonic bark control devices in combination with invisible fence systems. The sound frequencies emitted by our bark control devices are similar to those emitted by invisible fence collars. This can cause confusion and interfere with the dog’s training.

5. Can I use BarkWise on a puppy?

Please consult your veterinarian before using this product with puppies under 1  year of age.

Proper setup is important

BarkWise needs to activate solely when the dog is barking, this is crucial. Setting the bark collar sensitivity dial too high can cause the collar to activate at other sounds, such as when the dog is eating or drinking. If the collar activates when the dog is not barking, it will become confusing for your dog.

When turning on the audible settling, you can hear the tone, thus allowing you to accurately set the sensitivity dial and ensure the most effective training. Once you set the sensitivity dial properly, you can turn off audible mode and begin the training.


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